Be Ready – Apple Could Tank the Market or Save It

Be Ready – Apple Could Tank the Market or Save It

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As the market reels from bank failures, debt ceiling standoffs, and unstable valuations, investors are looking at Apple Inc. (AAPL) as a potential – keyword, potential – island of stability. 

With Q2 earnings expected at $1.43 per share and revenues of $92.1 billion, the tech giant’s performance could make or break the U.S. market, which is desperately seeking a guiding force right now.

Apple’s sheer size – which we’ll look at in a second – gives it the power to lead the market higher… or tank it.  

I can’t say for sure what kind of numbers Apple will put up today, but I do know what we should be doing to get ready. 

Let me show you…

Apple Is the Stock Market’s Own 1,000-lb Gorilla

Apple’s performance in the market is undeniably critical, given its influence on major indices such as the Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, and Dow Jones. 

As an essential component of over 400 exchange-traded funds and boasting a market capitalization larger than all but seven countries, Apple’s movements can easily dictate the broader market’s direction. 

In the current negative market cycle, a disappointing Q2 earnings report could send the stock plummeting and exacerbate the already precarious situation facing US equity markets.

Adding to the uncertainty is the Federal Reserve’s completely misplaced priorities. Despite the central bank’s recent warning about a possible “mild recession” due to a banking crisis, Jerome Powell’s claims of a “sound and resilient” US banking system have sparked concerns. 

The declines in shares of PacWest Bancorp (PACW) and First Horizon Corp. (FHN) have only intensified these worries. Investors are left questioning what it will take for the central bank to shift its focus from fighting inflation to addressing the ongoing banking crisis.

At the same time, we’re witnessing what appears to be forced selling in the energy sector. This sell-off can be directly linked to the ongoing banking crisis, which is causing funds to sell stocks.

Although OPEC’s voluntary cuts this month may offer some support, the US government’s commitment to replenishing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) remains uncertain due to the debt ceiling standoff. Additionally, oil is still being released on schedule until the end of June, with an additional 2m barrels released last week. Political complications might further impede progress in this area, adding to the unpredictability of an already unstable market.

So far this year, savvy energy traders have seized on oversold conditions and bought the dip, effectively creating a temporary floor for oil prices. As we approach those levels now, it raises the question: are you ready to be greedy in the face of widespread fear? 

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